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The Magic of Castor oil

Saidah Pearsall

14 years ago, I was introduced to Castor oil by a young Indian woman who was threading my eyebrows. She noticed how thin my eyebrows were and suggested that I use Castor oil to promote new hair growth. Obviously, I was skeptical because I had never heard of anyone using Castor oil on their eyebrows or hair. Well, after investigating her claims, I found that Castor oil is believed to be effective on thinning hair when used on a regular basis. Also, it is purported to reduce and prevent breakage, increase hair growth as well as moisturize the hair and scalp. After doing loads of reading on the types of Castor oil, I decided to try the Jamaican Black Castor oil. As of today, I am still using the product and will continue to use it. Having experienced great success with Jamaican Black Castor oil, I now use it on my daughter's hair.  Both my daughter and I have seen great results with Castor oil and we will forever be fans. 

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